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The OLPRO Rambling Blog — Springtime

Your guide to camping throughout the year

Your guide to camping throughout the year

For many, the end of Summer doesn’t mean the end of the camping season. As long as you prepare yourself with the right equipment then you can enjoy camping all year round. You’ll also be one of the lucky campers that get to experience waking up to a frost-covered field, or enjoying a mug of hot chocolate from the comfort of your own canvas - which brings us to our first obvious topic to cover:

Weather Conditions – Preparation really is key to overcoming any of the challenges posed by the trickier weather conditions. A tent and awning that is pitched properly should be able to stand up to most weather conditions, although this does not mean that they will withstand a storm, so make sure you keep an eye on weather forecasts when necessary.

What gear to take – Big woolly clothing and hot water bottles will definitely help to keep you safe from the chilly weather. A tent carpet will also help to protect you from the harsh cold ground. Taking waterproof clothing and footwear will save you from the trouble of having to sit in cold, wet clothing throughout the day.

Take plenty of lighting with you – Taking a strong torch and lantern with you will help to keep everything visible during the longer nights of winter. Some campsites will also provide you with an electrical power supply, so it’s worth considering your options before your travels. Don’t forget to take plenty of spare batteries with you just in case.

Pitch smartly – Make sure to pitch in the shelter of a building if possible, as this will help to protect you from the chilly winds. A well-placed windbreak will also help you to combat the wind and leave less of it crashing against the canvas of your tent bedroom. You should avoid pitching next to any open water as this may lead to condensation problems and avoid pitching at the bottom of any slopes to avoid the possibility of small flooding.

Factor in the nearby entertainment – The nights get darker a lot earlier during those Winter months, so it’s worth investigating whether your campsite has any nearby entertainment that you can rely upon during the long evenings. A nearby restaurant or pub can really help to warm you up for example, and gives you a perfect excuse to let someone else cook for you for a change. The nearer by these points of interest are, the better.

Take the right bedding with you - Make sure you purchase and pack your four-season sleeping bags and take any duvets and blankets from home. A sleeping bag with liner will help to improve the bag’s warmth significantly. Sleeping on a thick self-inflating mat will also help, as the air inside of an airbed is more likely to get cold more quickly. Also, don’t be tempted to have a hot drink before going to sleep, as you might have to wake up during the cold dead of night to go to the loo!

Build yourself a campfire – You can’t beat the feeling of sitting around a campfire with friends and family during a dark night, but of course this is only possible if it’s allowed within the rules of your campsite, so make sure you check first! The best way to build a strong campfire is to build it up gradually, adding larger logs in stages - but be careful not to build it too high, and be careful of wind direction as you may get smoke in your tent which will cause damage.
Creating A Perfect Garden Camping Experience

Creating A Perfect Garden Camping Experience

If you usually spend your bank holidays heading off to camp in the great outdoors, the idea of spending the Easter weekend confined indoors may not be so appealing. Thankfully, we’re here to come to your rescue. This week, we’re supporting the ‘Great Garden Inside/Outside Camp’ in order to help lift your spirits. The event is taking place on the 10th, 11th and 12th of April, and is there to give us a little something to look forward to during these uncertain and difficult times. We spoke recently about the benefits that come with camping in your own back garden, but how can you make it an enjoyable experience for everyone? Read on for our top tips on how to create the perfect garden camping experience!

1: Make it Cosy
Once you’ve got your tent pitched, the first thing to do is make it comfortable and of course, extra cosy. Layer up the ground with your tent carpet or groundsheet and perhaps even a few blankets or cushions just to make things extra comfortable - particularly if you’ve got some fussy sleepers taking part! If you don’t have a complete set of sleeping bags for the whole family, no worries - just grab your duvets and pillows to make things a little more homey!

2: Add Some Personal Touches
Particularly if you’ve got younger children who have never camped out before, this can be a great way to get them excited about things. Put up some fairy lights to make it look cosy, along with some colourful cushions or perhaps even get the kids involved in creating some bunting or decorations for outside your tent. If they’re still a little dubious about the whole thing, encourage them to bring their own pillow or perhaps even their favourite cuddly toy so that literally the whole family can take part.

3: Cook Inside if it’s Easier
While you may want to break out the camping grill to cook up some burgers for dinner, remember that the beauty of camping in your back garden is that your kitchen is mere feet away! Particularly if you have curious little ones running around and you’re concerned about safety, it can be easier to do the bulk of your cooking indoors and then bring out the finished feast for everyone to enjoy in the tent. 

4: Have a No Gadgets Rule
Once you’ve eaten and it starts to get a little dark, it may be tempting to curl up in your tent watching something on your tablet or smartphone - but that defeats the point of camping! Tear yourself away from that box set for one night and actually use the opportunity to talk to your loved ones and enjoy some quality time together. While you may not want to part with your smartphone fully for the evening, switch off your notifications and keep it out of reach to help avoid any temptation. 

5: Layer Up
If you’re used to the whole camping experience, this is one you’ll be well aware of already. However, if you’re a camping newbie or someone else in your group is, this is definitely one to bear in mind. Make sure everyone has sensible clothing to wear and that you have plenty of jumpers to hand in case the temperature takes a dip at any point. 

6: Keep Things Well Lit
Of course probably the biggest benefit of camping in your own back garden is that you have immediate access to clean facilities! Make sure that you have a well lit path from your tent to the back door in case anyone needs to use the toilet during the night, or you could perhaps even leave a light on in your house just to help you get your bearings - no matter how well you know your garden, waking up in the middle of the night can still be quite disorientating. You’ll thank us later! 

So all that’s left now is to pitch up that tent! We all know this isn’t going to be the Easter weekend we had planned for, but a garden camping experience is definitely going to be one way to lift those spirits and to create that much needed holiday feeling. At OLPRO, we’re proud to be supporting the Great Garden Inside/Outside Camp this Easter weekend - it’s the perfect excuse to enjoy some family time away from the telly!

Written by Amy Jackson - Content Writer at Promo Codes For - 6th April 2020
Reasons to camp in the garden this Spring

Reasons to camp in the garden this Spring

Now more than ever, it’s incredibly important to look after yourself. Camping in the garden can be the perfect way for you to enjoy the outdoors while also maintaining your self-isolation and social distancing. As we’re supporting this Spring’s ‘Great Garden Inside or Outside Camp’, we’ve put together some reasons why your next holiday location is in fact in your own back garden.
Clean air
Right now, there’s nothing people are craving more than the clean air of the outdoors. Just one night out in the garden can help to fill up your lungs with oxygen, which can do a world of good for your physical and mental well-being at a time when self-isolation is so prominent.

A peaceful break from the TV screen
Let’s be honest, there’s only so much Netflix you can watch right? Camping in your garden can be the perfect opportunity to switch yourself off from the stressful situation that we’ve found ourselves in. Whether it’s giving yourself a break from the TV, social media or all electronics for one night only, camping in the garden can be a peaceful way of getting away from it all.

See the starry sky
You’ve always had access to one of the greatest views possible, but might not have always had the time to take a look in our busy day-to-day lives. If you can pick a night to go camping in the garden make sure it’s one where there are no clouds in the sky, we promise it’ll be worth it.

It’s cheaper than ever to camp in the garden (especially with Loan & Go)
You might be used to many aspects of your life becoming more and more expensive, but camping is the opposite! With our recently launched rental service, you can now loan products from OLPRO’s award winning range for as little as $38.00 over the course of 3 days, which is so much cheaper than buying one and having to store it in the garage all year round. Not only that, imagine the amount of money you’ll be saving on hotel rooms, booked flights and even petrol money… hmmm, we’re starting to think that camping in the garden is the future!

So, why not be a part of a HUGE community event...
The OLPRO team are helping to promote ‘The Great Garden Inside or Outside Camp’, taking place on 10th, 11th and 12th April 2020. The group was started to help give people a positive activity to look forward to, just like a normal holiday amidst all the chaos and uncertainty that we find ourselves in today.

e’re sure that the event will help people to enjoy the outdoors in a safe environment and will help to lift people’s spirits. To view the event on facebook, visit the group page here.
5 of the Best Springtime Camping Destinations

5 of the Best Springtime Camping Destinations

Where Can You Camp in Spring? 

While some hardcore campers will be willing to pitch their tent in all weathers, for most, we’re forced to wait for the arrival of the warmer seasons before heading out to the great outdoors. Thankfully, we don’t have much longer to wait though, as spring is most definitely on the horizon. But when it comes to the best of British campsites, what destinations are the best when it comes to a touch of spring camping? If you’re itching to pack up your gear and go camping this spring, fear not, as OLPRO have taken a look at some of the most popular destinations to pitch your tent in the upcoming season. Not only have we looked at the location as a whole, but we’ve even put together a few campsite recommendations. Whether you’re looking for a fun-filled family adventure or just a relaxing few nights under canvas, you’ll be sure to find a destination that suits you!

The Isle of Wight
A stunning holiday destination all year round, the Isle of Wight is a glorious spot for a bit of spring camping. Located just off the south coast of England, it’s easily accessible from London in just over 2 hours and has something for everyone, including downs and woodland, sandy beaches and gorgeous coastal views. Probably best known for the Isle of Wight Festival in June, this stunning island has plenty to offer during the spring too. Enjoy plenty of family fun over Easter with the Hoppy Easter event at Tapnell Farm Park , where you can take part in a whole bunch of themed activities, roller skating, and even animal encounters. Alternatively, lace up your walking boots and take part in the Isle of Wight Walking Festival during May where you’ll marvel in the finest scenery that the island has to offer. 

Where to Stay
When it comes to camping, you’ll be spoilt for choice with plenty of campsites to suit all families and groups. The Orchards Holiday Caravan & Camping Park is set among the stunning countryside and is a great option for families and couples. There’s 160 touring pitches, most of which are surrounded by glorious landscape views and an impressive facilities centre that features amenities for even the fussiest of campers. This includes 12 individual shower and wash basin cubicles, as well as toilets and family bathrooms, along with a washing up area, laundry area, veg prep area and more. Open from late March, this award winning park is the perfect place to enjoy a family camping trip this spring.
If you’re looking for a family friendly camping spot, Heathfield Farm Camping is a four star campsite on the outskirts of Freshwater village, set in a peaceful rural area that will spoil you with glorious sea and downland views. This secluded, rural spot has plenty of facilities including a playing field with its own BBQ area, a ferry booking service, great shower and toilet facilities, and electrical hook-ups. It’s close to local shops and beaches, as well as bus routes too. Plus, you can also take advantage of a breathtaking coastal walking area. This campsite opens just a little later, with bookings taken from the 28th April, meaning it can be a good option for those who fancy camping during the warmer side of spring (hopefully!). 

Of course, for the best of British campsites, you can’t beat Cornwall. A fabulous location for laid back camping set with idyllic views, it’s the perfect place to pitch your tent. Cornwall is full of iconic attractions including the Eden Project and St. Michael’s Mount, plus over 300 beautiful beaches. Rated as some of the best beaches in the world, there’s plenty of variety, whether you’re looking for pebbles, golden sand, or turquoise waters. Whether you’re up for a spot of surfing or you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy a seaside walk with your four legged friend, there’s something for everyone. There’s also plenty of activities to enjoy on your trip too, such as the Easter at Eden event , which is great for family fun during the Easter break and includes plenty of indoor and outdoor activities, along with a springtime trail. Or, for something a little more relaxed, why not take a guided walk on Looe Island ? Available from early April, you can really embrace the arrival of spring by taking in the glorious flower displays, the largest breeding seabirds colony, and of course, the beautiful coastal views. 

Where to Stay
If you’re looking to really embrace the camping experience this spring, Orchard Springs Campsite could just be the spot for you. Located in the heart of the county, this hideaway campsite is exclusively for tents, and houses only 30 pitches, making it a great choice for those who love their peace and quiet. Situated just a few miles away from the town of Bodmin, this campsite is also within easy access to the North and South Coasts, which you can reach in just under half an hour by car. There’s spacious pitches along with brand new luxurious facilities including hotel standard shower rooms along with a camper’s kitchen for anyone who isn’t a fan of camping with an electrical hookup. You can even enjoy freshly baked bread and pastries for breakfast, or buy fresh eggs, bacon and milk from the onsite if you feel like cooking that fry up! Open from early April, you’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing spring break in the countryside in this unique and laid back setting. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking at getting your surf on, Dennis Cove Campsite in Padstow is within a 20 minute drive of some of the UK’s very best surfing beaches. Perfect for adventure lovers, you’ll enjoy a break packed with cycling, watersports and hiking, with breathtaking cycling routes, as well as action packed water sports at The Camel Estuary. There’s up to 100 pitches over 5 camping fields, and is a perfect location for you to pitch your tent or park your campervan. Open from Easter, it’s a great opportunity to embrace the start of spring!

The Peak District & Derbyshire
Spring is truly a time to embrace nature, so what better way to do so than a visit to the Peak District and Derbyshire? Known for its bustling market towns, picturesque villages and beautiful views, there’s so much to do. There’s year round events and activities, making it the perfect place for a jam packed holiday. Take part in the Great British Dog Walk at Carsington Water on the 28th March, which is a fantastic event for families and four legged friends. Organised by the charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, this is a great activity to take part in during your trip. Take in the stunning countryside surroundings on the 13km route, and enjoy plenty of games, fundraising events, and even the chance to meet a few Hearing Dogs! Or, for foodie lovers, why not take a trip to the Great British Food Festival in May? You’ll discover delicious foods, ales, wines and spirits, all from over 80 local producers. Combined with live music and more, it’s a great opportunity for a foodie family day out. 

Where to Stay
When it comes to camping locations, a popular choice is Laneside Caravan Park . Open from the beginning of March, this peaceful campsite suits both families and couples and is only a five minute walk from the gorgeous village of Hope in the Hope Valley. Running since the 1950s, this family owned site is perfect for a relaxing camping break. Catch a whole array of wildlife residing in the River Noe, take in the breathtaking views of the nearby walks and mountains, and even enjoy a pint of real ale in one of the country pubs in Hope village! 
Alternatively, when it comes to camping in the Peak District, the award winning Beech Croft Farm is a great choice if you’re looking for a wonderful walking holiday. With a whole array of local walks to explore the Monsal Trail and Limestone Way, this is a fantastic choice for hikers and dog walkers. The campsite itself is dog friendly, with an exercise and wash area for your pooch too, so it’s a great option if you’re wanting to take your furry friend on holiday with you. With plenty of great facilities and a shop selling local produce, this wonderful campsite is open all year round.

For those looking at camping in Wales, you’ll instantly fall in love with Pembrokeshire, where you can truly embrace the great outdoors. Famous for its breathtaking coastal views and beautiful beaches, there truly is something for everyone. Whether you’re a couple looking for romantic strolls along the beach or a family looking for plenty of fun, a camping trip to Pembrokeshire could be just the thing. Take a walk along one of the glorious 52 beaches, or explore the Pembrokeshire Coast Path and marvel in the stunning landscape! During the spring, the coast past is your best opportunity to spot migrating birds returning home and fall in love with the vibrant colours from the wild flowers. 

Where to Stay
Perfect for a wonderful adventure, Pembrokeshire has a selection of great campsites available to provide the finishing touch to your break. Tretio Caravan and Camping Park is a popular family friendly site that’s only 1.5 miles from the beach, and around a 30 minute walk way from the Coastal path. Open from the beginning of March, the site has a total of 47 pitches that allow you to take in the beauty of Pembrokeshire’s coastal views, as well as a whole array of facilities including a children’s play area and Pitch & Putt course.
Another option is Hendre Eynon Caravan & Camping Site , which is located not only within easy reach of the Coastal Path, but also the Dowrog Common Nature Reserve. A great choice not only for family and walking holidays, this family run site is situated on a working dairy farm and has plenty of space for outdoor activities, or even just enjoying a breath of fresh air. Available for bookings December to December, you can enjoy a break on this picturesque campsite all year round, but when better to enjoy these amazing country views than during the springtime? 

The New Forest & Hampshire
Finally, another location where you can settle down for some springtime camping is the New Forest and Hampshire. History lovers will marvel in the mysterious and romantic ancient landscape, with plenty of history and folklore attached. It’s a stunning spot for nature lovers too, with unique florals and free roaming wildlife. In addition to 193,000 acres of woodland, you can also explore over 40 miles of glorious, tranquil coastline! There’s plenty to discover when you visit the New Forest this spring, with sweet smelling flowers blooming in both Exbury and Furzey Gardens and fresh green walking trails. Whether you opt to hire a bike from one of the local cycle shops or zip up your walking boots, there’s so much to see. 

Where to Stay
A popular choice among campers in the New Forest is Setthorns Caravan & Camping Site , a traditional and quiet site that will no doubt get you back into nature. While there are no showers or toilets, this allows you to fully immerse yourself in the camping experience (just make sure you bring your own chemical toilet!), and you can camp out in the company of free roaming ponies and deer in the peaceful atmosphere. Open all year round, this quaint campsite is your ticket to a picturesque nature filled break!

Alternatively, for those looking at spending some quality family time in the great outdoors, there’s Red Shoot Camping Park . Featuring in The Guardian’s list of top ten family friendly campsites and winning the Trip Advisor Award for Excellence five years in a row, this family run park will allow you to immerse yourself in nature, but just with the addition of toilets and hot showers, among other facilities! The campsite opens from early March and caters to families and couples only, so you can be rest assured of a relaxing break. 

We hope this has got you inspired when it comes to your spring camping adventures! Wherever you head this season, you can guarantee that OLPRO has all of the camping essentials you’ll need for your trip. All you need to do is pitch your tent and start making some memories!

Written by Amy Jackson - Content Writer at My Favourite Voucher Codes - 27th February 2020